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Jeet Singh

Cakes and Their Humble Beginnings

2 min read

Cakes have come a long way from their humble beginnings as flatbread-like food items to the lavish and elegant modern-day cakes.  Ever since the dawn of civilization people have learned to make cakes. Neolithic people made simple cakes from crushed grains. And many different cultures all around the world used cakes as an offering to the gods and goddesses.  But the cakes of those times were very different from the cakes we know today.

The cakes were more bread-like and often filled with dry fruits and other ingredients. The first culture that showed signs of advanced baking skills were the ancient Egyptians but their cakes were still more like flat pieces of bread and sweetened with honey instead of sugar. The Europeans were the first to produce sophisticated cakes and the precursor to the modern form of cakes came around in the middle of the 17th century. But it was not until the middle of the 19th century that modern form of cakes arrived on the scene.

Cakes were an exclusive item in ancient times meant only for the rich and privileged class. Not many people could afford them due to the high costs of ingredients and production. But with increased food grain production and with rapid advances in technology, the cost for baking became lower and the production of cakes also increased. They became affordable for all the masses and nowadays cakes are a popular food item all over the world.

The popularity of cakes has made this sweet and sugary food a preferred gift item for a number of occasions. And with its ever increasing demand, many internet gift delivery businesses also cater to cakes. With an array of beautiful cakes ready for delivery anywhere, the internet gift sites are a wonderful source of cakes. One can buy cakes online through them or arrange an online cake delivery for our loved ones. And most of them also offer custom delivery services for special occasions such as a midnight cake delivery for a birthday party.