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Jeet Singh

Elegant Flower Arrangement

2 min read

Different Flower arrangement is an art in itself and many people take it very seriously especially the florists. The florists work hard with their own creativity to come up with something totally spectacular arrangement. Exotic flowers are not an absolute necessity you can even go with the usual ones. Depending on the vase that we have for the arrangements there are several kinds of flower arrangements that we can go for.

If you want a horizontal flower arrangement you have to look for a shallow container in which you can put one big flower at the focal point coupled with some drooping flowers. The kind of height that you find in the horizontal arrangements, they are most suited to adorn your center tables and more.

When you are looking for some vertical flower arrangements, ideally you should go for long stemmed flowers like Tulips, Carnations, and Lilies. You can club them up with leaves of ‘forget me not’ or the usual ferns to make the floral decoration look more filler than usual.


A crescent-shaped flower arrangement can be made depending on the flowers you have to yourself. Flowers with more flexible stems are the ideal choice for crescent flower arrangements. They are very well suited for coffee tables to make them look extraordinarily beautiful.


There is another triangular flower arrangement too in which the tallest stem flowers are used in the center of the smaller ones by its sides. You will find these arrangements on wedding tables. They will add a sense of elegance and class to your wedding. Try these special flower arrangement for different occasions.