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Jeet Singh

Cakes and its Variations for Your Occasions and Personalities

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Cake since its inception has been the most loved dessert item. So many flavors, fruits, and designer items experiment with cakes that one doesn’t even need any other dessert item. The goodness of cake is very aptly captured by the online shopping world. And thus, the number of people has no access to this kingdom of cakes.

Well, do you know that each and every cake of you choose has something to say about your zodiac sign and overall personality? Have a look below:

  1. Aggressive Aries: This Ram is the most aggressive ones among all signs and they are full of passionate energy, and dynamism. Fruitcake is the ideal one for them due to the zest of fresh fruits. Cakes like strawberry, orange, mango or pineapple are favorable for their nature. Get online cake delivery in Delhi for your Ram friends.
  2. Talented Taurus: They are very stubborn and get stressed easily and that’s why cakes that have relaxing flavors in them would go well with them. An authentic chocolate cake or a butterscotch cake would be the best for them.
  3. Generous Gemini: Gemini are usually very talkative and they are called a constant chatterbox. They just love to gorge on dry fruits as they are crunchy quite like the talks and gossips they have. Gift your Gemini man or woman a cake filled with the goodness of hazelnuts or walnuts.
  4. Creative Cancer: They are super creative, hard-working, spontaneous, emotional, but at times they are moody. For your Cancerian friends go for chocolate fudge, chocolate truffle, and in fact any cake which is choc-a-bloc with chocolates.
  5. Liberal Leo: They are very broad-minded and also have a special eye for spotting beauty. They love all beautiful things of the world. Thus designer floral cakes would be a perfect gift for them. Get these cakes to Delhi and impress the Lion/Lioness.
  6. Victorious Virgo: They are victorious because they often have a very critical and close observational eye and escaping a Virgo is difficult. This trait generally helps others a lot. Personalized cakes are for them totally.
  7. Lovable Libra: Libra is romantic, tactful, charming, and diplomatic. If you get a red velvet cake for them and that too a heart shaped one, he/she would be the happiest person on this earth. Because they just love these cheesy things.
  8. Sizzling Scorpio: Headstrong, high spirited, compassionate, and vivacious are the synonyms of a scorpion. Black current cakes are their types totally. These people are very spicy as well as sweet at times.
  9. Sporty Sagittarius: They are athletic and sporty and that’s why they are a health freak. Any sugar-free cakes match their personality.
  10. Conventional Capricorn: the Simple and delicious flavor of vanilla matches them because they are very down to earth and conventional who are always disciplined, punctual, and obedient.
  11. Atypical Aquarius: They are the most unconventional ones of the lot and are always up for new things. Go with your any experimental cake to them like the rice cake, wine and walnut cake, pumpkin cake, or a carrot and cheesecake.
  12. Peaceful Pisces: They are the ones who always dream of love and peace. They believe that there is actually no war in the world. Cakes with lovely icings or toppings like German Chocolate Cake, New York-Style Crumb Cake or Peanut Butter Cup Overload Cake will be a good choice for them.

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